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Remembering Ernie Kurtz

By bob k Catholics priests are not among those who one would expect to find heading a list of crusaders for the freethinker movement in Alcoholics Anonymous. Nonetheless Ernest Kurtz, ordained to the Roman...

Ernie Kurtz

A Tribute to Ernie Kurtz

By Roger C. Ernie Kurtz died on January 19 of this year at the age of 79. A memorial service was held for him on April 22 at Dawn Farm, a rehab facility, in...

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Ernest Kurtz: The Historian as Storyteller and Healer

Ernie Kurtz died on Jan 19, 2015. He was born on September 9, 1935, the same year that AA was founded.  The Historian as Storyteller and Healer was published a number of months ago and when Ernie...