Blowing the Gate Away


By Tom L. The gates restricting access into AA are being essentially blown away with explosions in recent years of secular literature, meetings, websites and conferences. Detonations in North America and beyond make this evident as a real movement, a movement that may save AA as a still-viable recovery program … Continue reading

The Secular Wing of AA


By Bill White Originally published on March 2, 2018 on The Selected Papers of William L. White AA is so decentralized that in a very real sense, there really is no such single entity as “Alcoholics Anonymous” – only AA members and local AA groups that reflect a broad and … Continue reading

The Karma of Recovery


By Bill White Originally published on December 8, 2017 on Selected Papers of William L. White The concept of karma holds that one’s fate in this life or future lives is not a random roll of the dice, but a direct product of one’s thoughts and actions. Rooted in many … Continue reading

Standing on the shoulders of giants?


By life-j Isaac Newton said “If I can see farther, it is because I’m standing on the shoulders of giants”. I want to look at whether that’s the case with us in AA, too. Lately we have had increasing cause for concern over Big Book fundamentalist groupings in AA asserting … Continue reading