Key Players in AA History

Key PlayersOur friend, bob k, has written an exceptional book.

Bob first starting sharing stories on the AA Agnostica website in December, 2011.

He wrote stories about the early history of AA and about some of the people who had been a part of defining the early elements of our fellowship.

These stories were mightily well received and appreciated. Let us provide you with an example. Back in March of 2014, bob wrote Dr. Bob, AA Co-founder – Part One. Here are just a few of the comments about that story:

I applaud you bob k for shedding so much needed light and insight on this important part of AA history. Another awesome piece of literature, a very powerful, clear and heart warming account of the part played by Dr. Bob Smith.

Very well written… I love pieces like this… Thank you bob k.

Excellent history of the “other” founder of AA. This article is a very interesting history of Dr. Bob’s early life and the times in which he lived… It is instructive and helpful to read AA history… Thanks so much for this article.

Excellent piece Bob. Very interesting. Thank you for putting the work in!

What a fantastic read… It’s so interesting to read about our founders and Dr. Bob’s story is one many of us can relate to. Thank you for all your insight bob K.

Okay, let’s stop there. I’m sure you get the picture. This has been the standard response to bob’s articles over the last three years.

And these comments very much apply to bob’s writing in his wonderful book, Key Players in AA History.

Organized in six sections and 32 chapters, the book is a treasure. Each chapter is complete on its own. You can easily read a chapter in one sitting and move on to the next or jump to a completely new section.

Every chapter is well researched, much of it is fascinating, and all of it is written in an enjoyable and easily readably style.

Explore. Enjoy.

The paperback version is available at Amazon USA.

It is also available via Amazon in Canada and in the United Kingdom and Europe.

It is available as an eBook – Kindle or any ePub version – at the BookBaby BookShop. After you log in or sign up and pay via credit card or PayPal you can download the eBook as an ePub or Mobi immediately.

EBook versions of Key Players in AA History are also, of course, available online in all formats. Click here for Kindle, Kobo or Nook. Also available is an iBook version for the Mac or iPad.

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