Bill W, LSD, and AA Spirituality

AA Spirituality

By bob k Toward the end of 1943, the Wilsons were preparing to leave New York. Bill was tired and depressed, and very much looking forward to an upcoming cross-country trip with Lois. Alcoholics Anonymous was doing well, its membership numbers having swelled from about 2,000 in early 1941 to … Continue reading

Which God, Whose God, What God?


“I grok, I am god, you are god.” – Mike, the Man from Mars in Stranger in a Strange Land By Paul W. In Alcoholics Anonymous, “God” is simply defined as a Higher Power or a Power greater than ourselves.  Or so it is often said. In the Twelve Steps, … Continue reading

The Safest Level of Alcohol Consumption is None

By Joel Achenbach Originally posted on August 23, 2018 in The Washington Post To minimize health risks, the optimal amount of alcohol someone should consume is none. That’s the simple, surprising conclusion of a massive study, co-authored by 512 researchers from 243 institutions, published Thursday in the prestigious journal the … Continue reading

The ‘Secular AA’ Movement

Secular AA

In this blog post, Zachary Munro discusses the development of a non-religious recovery culture in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and how groups like Secular Organizations for Sobriety (SOS), and LifeRing Secular Recovery are renegotiating their relationships to AA’s origins in the evangelical “Oxford Group” of the 1930s. As this non-religious recovery … Continue reading

My experience with the AA God

Flag Map

By Gisele B. Hello, my name is Gisele, 61 years old, living in Canada, the province of Quebec. I have been a member of AA since 1992. I came to  Alcoholics Anonymous because I desperately wanted to stop drinking, I wanted to know what was wrong with me. I was … Continue reading

Moments of Clarity


By life-j I’ve always loved hearing stories where people talk about their moment of clarity. That’s where recovery begins. A friend talked about how he was on a thousand mile drunken trip with a few cases of beer behind the passenger seat, and halfway to his destination he pulls over … Continue reading

The Wave of Religiosity


By Witek D. A few years ago, at the AA Convention in Texas, I talked to a lady from New York, who was a member of the GSO staff. She knew about the rapid growth of AA in Poland (we have 2700 groups) and told me that, in her opinion, … Continue reading

Recovery Capital Conference of Canada

Recovery Capital Conference

By Joe C. “Having been at addiction-oriented events across the USA and Canada I have found that we are creating addiction experts; that’s great. But I go to these things and I ask myself, ‘When is anyone ever going to talk about recovery?’” These are the thoughts of the Director … Continue reading

One Big Tent

Review by Thomas B. A most auspicious event took place during the opening Panel of the recent third Biennial International Secular AA Conference that took place during August 24 through 26 in Toronto, Canada — Jon W, Senior Editor of The AA Grapevine, announced the publication this month of One … Continue reading

Recovery Capital

Recovery Capital

A longer version of this article was originally published August 28, 2017, on the Cedars at Cobble Hill Addiction Treatment Centre Recovery Capital is a concept that’s changing the recovery landscape across Canada. Until now, research in the field of substance abuse has been mostly focused on the pathology of addiction, … Continue reading