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AA Agnostica has been around for a while now. Launched in June 2011 when two agnostic groups were booted out of the Toronto Intergroup, the website has played its own important and unique role in the growth of the secular movement within Alcoholics Anonymous.

To date we have posted nearly 500 articles by we agnostics, atheists and freethinkers from around the world. Usually, an article a week. And now our plan is this: to continue on to reach a total of ten years. One decade.

That means we would stop posting in June of 2021. That’s two and a half years from now. But to achieve the goal of keeping AA Agnostica up and around for another thirty months we could sure use some financial support to cover a number of expenses. These include the cost of our web host and server, website plugins, a very special security program, a brand new theme, etc.

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Thank you! Gratitude is a major part of what we experience in recovery, and is our immediate reaction to your support.