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AA Agnostica has been around for eleven years now! Launched in June of 2011 when two agnostic groups were booted out of the Toronto Intergroup, the website has played an important and unique role in the growth of the secular movement within Alcoholics Anonymous.

In the first decade we posted roughly 700 articles written by agnostics, atheists and freethinkers from around the world. In the eleven year, fifty of those 700 were re-posted.

Our plan now is not to post any more articles.

BUT the goal is to keep the website up and alive for many, many more years. And here’s why. AA Agnostica daily gets at least 1000 viewers. And some 200 different articles, of the 700, are read each and every day.

The website will continue to be very helpful and important for those who need or want to know more about secular AA and recovery.

To achieve the goal of keeping AA Agnostica up and running we would certainly appreciate financial support to cover a number of expenses. These include the cost of our web host and server, website plugins, a very special security program, our new theme, etc.

If you want to help AA Agnostica you can do that by making a modest contribution:

Thank you!

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