The Little Book: A Collection of Alternative 12 Steps

“There are many versions of the 12-Step program of recovery. In fact, there are about as many versions as there are alcoholics in AA who use the program to get sober and to maintain their sobriety.”

Thus begins The Little Book: A Collection of Alternative 12 Steps.

The book contains 20 alternative versions of the original 12 Steps reflecting a wide range of philosophical, professional, religious, and cultural perspectives and traditions.

The Little Book also has four secular interpretations of each of the Steps by well-known authors Stephanie Covington (A Woman’s Way through the Twelve Steps), Thérèse Jacobs-Stewart (Mindfulness and the 12 Steps), Allen Berger (The Therapeutic Value of the 12 Steps) and Gabor Maté (In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts).

It can also be used as a workbook: templates are provided so that readers can write their own alternative 12 Steps and record their insights and interpretations of each of the Steps. These templates only exist in the paperback version.

Finally, the book concludes with an essay that accurately and insightfully traces the origins of the AA 12-Step recovery program.

The Little Book is meant to make the 12 Steps accessible to all as a program of recovery, and especially those who have trouble with the “God bit” in the original 1939 version of Alcoholics Anonymous. In the Foreword to The Little Book, William L. White (Slaying the Dragon: The History of Addiction Treatment and Recovery in America) calls the book “a celebration of the varieties of recovery experience.”

The author, Roger C., is also the administrator of the popular recovery website, AA Agnostica.

The Little Book: A Collection of Alternative 12 Steps by Roger C., AA Agnostica, 2013, 72 pages.

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