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The Dangers of AA Fundamentalism

By Andy F. My name is Andy, and I’m an alcoholic. I arrived in AA on May 15th, 1984, after many years of drinking. I loved AA from the outset. I had found a family...

Secular AA Hosting International Conference in Orlando

Secular AA is excited to host the 2024 International Conference of Secular Alcoholics Anonymous (ICSAA) from September 20-22 at the Doubletree Hotel at Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida. This event promises to bring together a...

BC Secular AA Roundup

BCSAAR July 13, 2024 British Columbia Secular AA Roundup George Preston Recreation Centre in Langley, BC By Geoffrey H. The goal of the upcoming July 13, 2024, “One Big Tent” roundup will be to promote...

Ten Years Old!

Fifty Chosen Articles: Number Fifty. Originally posted in June 2021. Some of the history of the website. The Growth of Secular AA By Roger C. Early History AA Agnostica was launched a decade ago!

Step Interpretations

Fifty Chosen Articles: Number Forty-Nine. On the Menu of AA Agnostica. Four authors interpret each of the 12 Steps. This is a major part of The Little Book: A Collection of Alternative 12 Steps.

Songs about Recovery

Fifty Chosen Articles: Number Forty-Seven. Originally posted in March 2021. Five inspiring songs, all about living in recovery. By Roger C The road to recovery can be rough. The detox, the rehab… Even without...

Defining Recovery in AA in the 21st Century

Fifty Chosen Articles: Number Forty-Five. Originally posted in January 2021. “I conclude that the definition of recovery is unique to the individual. I believe recovery to be an individualized path of self discovery.”

A Rewrite of Chapter 4 of the Big Book

Fifty Chosen Articles: Number Forty-Four. Originally posted in September 2020.  A Secular Sobriety: Including a secular version of the first 164 pages of the Big Book. Here is a modern version of the fourth...

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