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Lois Wilson

Lois Wilson

By bob k There are few people who better epitomize the sentiments of  the Tammy Wynette country classic “Stand By Your Man”, than Lois Wilson. As the founder of Al-Anon, she is lovingly remembered by hundreds of...

Rollie Hemsley

Anonymity in the 21st Century

By bob k A Nameless Group of Drunks In the 1930s the whole concept of “anonymity” was very simple. Bill Wilson’s “nameless group of drunks”, helping themselves by helping each other, were progressing into...

Indy Night Skyline

Indy We Agnostics Re-Listed

By Roger C. The first nonbeliever’s group ever to be booted off an “official” AA meeting list has been re-listed. The Indianapolis We Agnostics group was actually de-listed twice. The first time was  in...