The Great Chain of Being

By Adam N. I was a mere lad of 26 when I was flown off to a treatment facility deep in the Minnesota woods, in the midst of an icy, snow-covered winter. I was seriously beaten down, hammered into a state of reasonableness. I spent the next couple of decades … Continue reading

A Skeptic’s Journey to a Higher Power

Flower TGIF

Originally published in TGIF at Renascent on February 27, 2015. TGIF Weekly Recovery News is an e-newsletter published on Fridays by Renascent, one of Canada’s leading abstinence-based treatment centre, and features articles and lived experience essays on a variety of themes relating to recovery from alcoholism and addiction. Email subscriptions are free … Continue reading

My Life in a Few Pages

This is the preface and first chapter of the book: Common Sense Recovery: An Atheist’s Guide to Alcoholics Anonymous by Adam N. Subsequent chapters will also be published on AA Agnostica. Preface Sometimes I feel like a spy. It can be very exciting, kind of thrilling. But sometimes I feel alone, isolated. … Continue reading

A higher purpose


By Wayne M. I am an alcoholic and have been sober for over nine years. I am also an agnostic/atheist who attends AA on a regular basis. Many people have asked how I as an agnostic can stay sober in AA even though I reject one of the fundamental premises … Continue reading

Spirituality for a Non-Believer


By Ed S. My parents sent us three children to Catholic school. After twelve years of attending Catholic schools, first grade through high school, I went away to college and began to question my beliefs. One of the best things I learned at The University of California was to think and … Continue reading

Is the AA Program a Procrustean Bed?

By Frank M. Procrustes: a mythical host who stretched or cut his guests to fit his “magical” bed, often killing them in the process. I should probably start by explaining that I have no problem with the use of the word “God” in AA literature. It’s the correct word for … Continue reading

Without a Higher Power

Grapevine AA

One size does not fit all for this atheist in recovery By Greg H. (San Diego, CA) This atheist “walked into our midst,” and stayed. At the age of 52, I attended my very first AA meeting on Oct. 7, 2001. I have not found it necessary to take a … Continue reading

Quadrants of Knowledge

By Joe C. “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes … Continue reading

You Cannot NOT Interpret the Steps!

By John M. Last May 14th I attended the annual Toronto Round Up which featured three speakers, two from Ontario and, the other, the headliner, a long standing, highly respected member of AA from California. Well known to many from AA conferences across North America, he was also the featured … Continue reading