Hallowed be the Big Book?

Wind and Sun

By Laurie A. The Preface to the fourth edition of the Big Book notes, “Because this book has become the basic text for our Society and has helped such large numbers of alcoholic men and women to recovery, there exists strong sentiment against any radical changes being made in it. … Continue reading

Without a Higher Power

Grapevine AA

One size does not fit all for this atheist in recovery By Greg H. (San Diego, CA) This atheist “walked into our midst,” and stayed. At the age of 52, I attended my very first AA meeting on Oct. 7, 2001. I have not found it necessary to take a … Continue reading

Responsibility Is Our Theme


“How much and how often did we fail?” By Roger C. Bill W spoke at the General Service Conference held in New York City in April, 1965. The Conference theme was “Responsibility To Those We Serve.” AA was thirty years old. Bill was 70 years old. It was a period of … Continue reading

Bill W: The Documentary Reviewed

Bill W Film

By Tim C. Bill W., the documentary now showing in cinemas throughout the country, is a delightfully presented look at the story of William G. Wilson, the original public face of Alcoholics Anonymous. The documentary takes live recordings of the voice of Wilson himself speaking and then synchronizes the voice … Continue reading

Pharisees and Recalcitrants

AA Medallion

By Joe C. When asked about AA’s lack of rules and why we didn’t need them, Bill Wilson said, “AA is self-correcting.” It may be that Toronto Intergroup’s first controversial action of banning AA groups from their roster for nonconformity has been unwittingly self-corrected. Toronto Intergroup may have unintentionally made … Continue reading

AA’s Greatest Danger – Rigidity

Bob Pearson (1917-2008) was General Manager of the General Service Office from 1974 to 1984, and then served as Senior Advisor to the G.S.O. from 1985 until his retirement. His story is in the Big Book as “AA Taught Him to Handle Sobriety.” During the 1986 General Service Conference, Bob … Continue reading