Relevant Quotes for Secular AA

Free Captives

Our book is meant to be suggestive only. We realize we know only a little. Alcoholics Anonymous, Page 164, 1939 The spiritual life is by no means a Christian monopoly… Consider the eight-part program laid down in Buddhism: Right view, right aim, right speech, right action, right living, right effort, … Continue reading

The Trouble with Tradition Three


By  Svukic The following is the long form of Tradition Three as quoted in my copies of Alcoholics Anonymous (the volume that is reverentially and affectionately referred to as “The Big Book” by orthodox members of AA) and Twelve Steps And Twelve Traditions (both published by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, … Continue reading

Six Shades of Nonbelievers

Athiest billboard

By Joe C. The nonbeliever world is a hexagon shaped world, according to a University of Tennessee finding. Christopher Silver and Thomas Coleman III derived their six types of nonbelievers based on an analysis of interviews across the United States. Well, let’s see. Do you fall into one of these subgroups? … Continue reading

Atheists, Traditions and Concepts

Flowers for Atheists

By Edward S., Jupiter, Florida Recently, while doing some fellowshipping with local AAs, a friend expressed her belief that atheists should not be allowed to start their own atheist-oriented groups (and therefore should not be recognized by Intergroup) and should start their own fellowship.  This essay was born out of … Continue reading

The “Don’t Tell” Policy in AA


By Roger C. There often seems to be an unofficial policy in Alcoholics Anonymous especially for nonbelievers at AA meetings: “Don’t Tell.” It is a policy imposed by just a few but rarely challenged. If you are an atheist, agnostic, humanist or secularist you had best keep your lack of belief in a deity … Continue reading

Christmas, Christians, Lepers and Alcoholics

Christmas Time

By bob k All AA members, both Christians and non-Christians, so easily joined together during the recent holidays in shared sentiments of kindness, selflessness and the love of our fellow man. Above all is our gratitude for having undergone “miraculous” transformations, as the result of our twelve step process. Like … Continue reading