The “God” Word


An Atheist’s Experience in AA My name is Paul, and I am an alcoholic. I am an atheist. I believe there probably is no God. I cannot prove there is no God, because it is impossible to prove a negative statement like that. I have been an atheist … Continue reading

An Updated “How It Works”

How It Works

This updated version of “How it Works” – originally published as chapter five of Alcoholics Anonymous in 1939 – was created by Hilary J and the Sober Agnostics group and is read at the beginning of their meetings in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The program is a tool to … Continue reading

A New “How It Works”

How It Works

By John S. Writing the book Alcoholics Anonymous, what we today call the Big Book, was a moment of genius and creativity. I can just imagine the excitement in the room when Bill read the steps to the group for the first time, and what an interesting debate … Continue reading

A Pamphlet for AA Agnostics?


The Alcoholics Anonymous Literature Committee in Great Britain will be presenting a pamphlet for and by agnostic and atheist members to its 2016 Conference. A sub-committee is looking for articles written by AA members in Great Britain and the Continental European Region for inclusion in that pamphlet. As this is a pamphlet for … Continue reading

Still No Pamphlet for Agnostics in AA

One Way

By Roger C. After requests that span some forty years, there is still no pamphlet for agnostics and atheists in AA. Not one. Nothing even close. The recently published pamphlet, Many Paths to Spirituality, was meant to dodge the issue, rather than deal with it. All the pamphlet … Continue reading

Conference-approved literature


By Roger C. Many of us are hopeful that this year’s General Service Conference will approve a pamphlet that welcomes agnostics and atheists in AA and, in so doing, acknowledges that a God has nothing at all to do with our sobriety. One of the names proposed for … Continue reading

AA – Spiritual Not Religious


Every time we develop a new recovery pamphlet, I believe we say “welcome” to a whole group of alcoholics who might otherwise feel our message was not intended for them, or worse, that they would not be welcome. (John K, former AA trustee who spent eight years at … Continue reading

An AA Pamphlet for Agnostics – The 1980s

Social Rejection

Edited by Roger C. In October, 1981, Ed S. wrote to the AA trustees’ Literature Committee and asked that the idea of preparing and publishing a “Conference-approved” pamphlet for agnostics and atheists in the fellowship be reconsidered. You see, he had tried to get such a pamphlet once before, … Continue reading

An AA Pamphlet for Agnostics – The 1970s

By Roger C. A “Conference-approved” pamphlet for agnostics and atheists in AA was first proposed in 1975. The proposal was the result of a letter from Al L., an AA member in Florida, who asked the trustees’ Literature Committee to consider publishing such a pamphlet. (The trustees of AA consists … Continue reading

The General Service Conference Stumbles

AA and Agnostics

By Roger C. At the 1965 General Service Conference held in New York, Bill Wilson had a very clear message for the area delegates, trustees, directors and General Service Office staff in attendance: “Our very first concern should be with those sufferers that we are still unable to … Continue reading