God and Diet Pills

African Mango

By Steve B. I have come to believe that God is to sobriety what diet pills are to weight loss. The diet pills I’m referring to are the over the counter supplements you see on non prime time commercials on cable TV or obscure channel infomercials. As a rule, these … Continue reading

A Lesson for AA from our Betters

Girl Scouts

By Frank M. “You’ve got a higher power problem,” my old AA sponsor told me. It’s something he’d asserted on a number of occasions when the subject of God and the Steps and my atheism came up. He repeated it when we were working on my Fifth Step. I had … Continue reading

The Bird In Your Hands

Bird in Hand

By Ivan K. A salesman was traveling from Toronto to London and got lost. He stopped at a farmer’s place to ask directions, and this is the conversation between the two of them: Salesman, “Do you know the directions from here to Woodstock?” Farmer, “Nope.” Salesman, “Do you know the … Continue reading

Finding Our Way

Field of Flowers

An agnostic discovers his place in the Fellowship This article is in the current, October 2012, issue of the AA Grapevine. You can subscribe to the online version here: AA Grapevine. In the post, Jerry mentions the We Agnostics group in Austin, which was started in 2001 by Charlie P. You can read … Continue reading