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12 Smart Things

Emotional Sobriety

Review by Archer Voxx During the past few years, one of the areas I have focused my personal recovery on is emotional sobriety. It is a subject that I am passionate about. The book...

Smart Recovery

Your First SMART Recovery Meeting

By Sam29 First posted on SMART Recovery So, you’re considering attending a SMART Recovery meeting. We applaud you for reaching this point in your recovery! Your consideration might come with one or a mix...


Women’s Meetings

By Mary M. I am approaching thirty years of sobriety and am now living a long way from those incredible women’s meetings of the first twenty years of my recovery in Ontario, Canada. And...

Practical Book

A Special Project: The Practical Book

by Roger C. We are today launching a special project. A book. A special book. It is a book that would fit perfectly in Alcoholics Anonymous. Anyone in AA could read it and benefit from...

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