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Carrying the Message to the Nonbeliever

Chapter 1 Do Tell! Stories by Atheists and Agnostics in AA By Nell Z. “The first time I came into an AA meeting, I felt right at home.” I have heard this shared at...

Do Tell!

Do Tell! Stories by Atheists & Agnostics in AA

“Storytelling is the practice and… essential dynamic of AA”. AA historian Ernie Kurtz Introduction: Reshaping the AA Culture By Roger C. Things change. At least that’s been my experience in life. And it’s the...

Indy Night Skyline

Indy We Agnostics Re-Listed

By Roger C. The first nonbeliever’s group ever to be booted off an “official” AA meeting list has been re-listed. The Indianapolis We Agnostics group was actually de-listed twice. The first time was  in...

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