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Buddhist Path

Refuge Recovery

Published on January 2, 2019 on Recovery Ways What’s a Refuge Recovery Meeting Like? After leaving treatment, attending mutual aid meetings are a great way to continue your recovery. You meet other people who...


Can Mindfulness Meditation Prevent Relapse?

By Elizabeth Brico Published in The Fix on February 21, 2018 Mindfulness meditation teaches people how to accept suffering as a normal, cohesive experience, and then move on from it. Relapse has always been...

Water Lily

Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention

The treatment protocol targets the very roots of addictive behavior. by Carolyn Gregoire Originally published on November 18, 2015 on The Huffington Post A new wave of research on meditation shows that mindfulness-based treatments...

Proactive 12 Steps

The Proactive Twelve Steps

By Serge Prengel Many years ago, I started re-writing the Twelve Steps in order to better understand the process they describe by “translating” the wording of the Steps into language that felt clearer to...


Mindfulness and the 12 Steps

Review by Roger C. There would appear to be much in common between Buddhist thought and the 12 Step recovery program practiced by some in AA. A number of books have made the connection...

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