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A Manual for Alcoholics Anonymous

Bobby Beach is back! On March 16, 2017, Bobby Beach made his AA Agnostica debut with “The Watering Down of AA”, an angry anti-fundamentalist screed in response to the angry fundamentalist, anti-atheist, anti-agnostic, anti-weak...

Anne Ripley Smith

Anne Smith

For some reason, we alcoholics seem to have the gift of picking out the world’s finest women. Dr. Bob Smith By bob k “In 1898, Anne Robinson Ripley was spending a holiday with a...

Dr Bob

Dr. Bob – Part Two (Akron-Style AA)

From his last drink in June, 1935, AA became the centerpiece of Dr. Bob’s life… (He) worked with Sister Ignatia… to treat thousands of alcoholics, who were then channeled into AA. He provided all...

Dr Bob

Dr. Bob, AA Co-founder – Part One

By bob k St. Johnsbury, Vermont Dr. Bob Smith remembers his childhood hometown of St. Johnsbury, some 100 miles northeast of the East Dorset birthplace of Bill Wilson, as having a general moral standard “far above the average.” ...

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