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Ten Years Old!

Fifty Chosen Articles: Number Fifty. Originally posted in June 2021. Some of the history of the website. The Growth of Secular AA By Roger C. Early History AA Agnostica was launched a decade ago!

Defining Recovery in AA in the 21st Century

Fifty Chosen Articles: Number Forty-Five. Originally posted in January 2021. “I conclude that the definition of recovery is unique to the individual. I believe recovery to be an individualized path of self discovery.”

A Rewrite of Chapter 4 of the Big Book

Fifty Chosen Articles: Number Forty-Four. Originally posted in September 2020.  A Secular Sobriety: Including a secular version of the first 164 pages of the Big Book. Here is a modern version of the fourth...

What is AA?

Fifty Chosen Articles: Number Forty. Originally posted in March 2019. AA is a fellowship of people who help each other stay sober and live a better life. By Roger C. Let’s go simple with...

Religious or Non-Religious Recovery?

Caitlin Halligan is working on a Ph.D. at Western Michigan University and is conducting research on substance use recovery and Alcoholics Anonymous. The research involves a survey which focuses on religious and nonreligious experiences...

AA and the Lord’s Prayer

Fifty Chosen Articles: Number Thirty-Nine. Originally posted in February 2019. AA needs to grow up – as if it were now the 21st century and not 1935. It needs to discard the Lord’s Prayer.

The Wave of Religiosity

Fifty Chosen Articles: Number Thirty-Eight. Originally posted in October 2018. Poland is considered to be a religious, Catholic country. Nevertheless, the nonreligious movement in AA is growing. By Witek D. A few years ago,...

A History III

An Agnostic in AA

Fifty Chosen Articles: Number Thirty-Six. Originally posted in April 2017. The struggle with “traditional” AA. By Roger C I went to my first AA meeting when I was in rehab back in 2010. It...

Toronto's City Hall

Beyond Belief Agnostics and Freethinkers

Fifty Chosen Articles: Number Thirty-Five. Originally posted in March 2017. In January of 2017 secular AA groups booted out by the Greater Toronto Area Intergroup were invited back in by the Intergroup. This candid...

A History of Special Interest Groups in AA

Fifty Chosen Articles: Number Thirty-Three. Originally posted in December 2016. “Special interest groups were controversial for many years in AA.” By Deirdre S. I’m Deirdre S., a cross-addicted alcoholic. To prepare to talk to...

Denis Featured II

In Memory of Denis

Fifty Chosen Articles: Number Thirty-One. Originally posted in May 2016. Denis started the first agnostic AA meeting in the city of Vancouver. By Dan V. Today I write with a heavy heart and with...

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