One’s religion is an outside issue

Father Pete Watters

By Thomas B. Like many folks at AA Agnostica and elsewhere, I’m most disappointed by the decision of the General Service Board and Conference to again not publish the proposed pamphlet, “AA — Spiritual, Not Religious.” I was further dismayed to learn from Roger C.’s article The General Service Conference … Continue reading

God and Diet Pills

African Mango

By Steve B. I have come to believe that God is to sobriety what diet pills are to weight loss. The diet pills I’m referring to are the over the counter supplements you see on non prime time commercials on cable TV or obscure channel infomercials. As a rule, these … Continue reading

The Lord’s Prayer and the Law

The Lords Prayer

By Roger C. North Americans appear to be getting used to life without the Lord’s Prayer. Many now accept that the recitation in public of a prayer associated with one particular religion is a form of discrimination against those who are not members of that religion or who are not … Continue reading

The Courts, AA and Religion

Lady Justice

By Linda R. Inside AA, one hears members frequently repeat the well-known phrase “AA is spiritual, not religious.” AA takes pride in saying it’s not religious. But what do outsiders, such as the court systems, think about AA’s claim? In the ten year period between 1996 and 2007, five high-level … Continue reading

Prayer At Meetings: A World View

Many thanks to Nick H, one of the founders of Children of Chaos, an agnostic  group in Austin, Texas. Nick found this article about a decade ago on a website, Sober Times,  that no longer exists. by the Cyber Sot One of the many paradoxes of AA is that while we … Continue reading

Separation of Church and AA

By Don S. Des Moines We Agnostics I stopped praying in meetings years ago, but held hands while others did. I recently stopped doing that, too. I now remain seated during the prayer. This adjustment brings up several issues which Americans have already dealt with in the courts. When reading … Continue reading

Our Father Who Art Not in Public Schools

School Children

by bob k The Professional Golfers’ Association of America (to its own embarrassment) had a “Caucasians Only” membership policy until 1962. Viewing a recent miniseries about the Kennedys reminded me that it took the United States National Guard to overcome the objections of the Governor in getting James Meredith (a … Continue reading