Writing for AA Agnostica

It’s not hard!

We don’t have a list of demands or requirements as to what you should write. Articles on AA Agnostica are typically about alcoholism, addiction and recovery without a “God”. It’s a pretty wide range, so you can pick your topic.

The length of the article matters. These days, most people visit AA Agnostica via their mobile devices. So an article that feels like a book does not work. The ideal length is between 1000 and 1500 words. But again we are flexible. Your article can be a few hundred words shorter. Or longer.

We also like to add a short bio of the author after an article. The ideal length for this is about 150 words. You can see what these look like by visiting various articles on the website. The biography will often help the reader to better understand – and indeed appreciate – what you have shared.

So there we go. That’s it! Send the article, preferably in Word, to aaagnostica@gmail.com. We will get back to you right away. There may be some minor edits to the article, but you will get a preview of your article before it is posted on AA Agnostica and, if need be, you can make the final edits.

So, get to it! Write your article!

A sincere thanks.

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