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Practical BookPlease note:

Topics that have been proposed are posted below the Topic Form.
Those with a checkmark – – have been submitted to the Practical Committee.

Before completing the form below, it is important to know that writing for The Practical Book involves three very simple but important steps:

Step 1. Make sure you have a good sense of what the book is all about. You can do that by reading the article, A Special Project: The Practical Book.

Step 2. Please complete the Topic Form below. This step will help to make sure that a wide range of topics / tools are covered in The Practical Book.

Step 3. Write the article and then submit it. Aim for around 1,000 to 2,000 words, more or less. Some chapters will be longer and others shorter, depending on the tool discussed. The chapter is a kind of essay, “a short piece of analytic writing on a particular subject”, with your own stories to back it up. And finally, edit it and pass it along to friends for their input.

And please note: there can be very different perspectives on the very same tool in recovery, such as “service” or “acceptance”, and we need to hear about the personal understanding and experience of the tools in our recovery from as many different people as possible. That is also very important as we put this special project together, one day and one author at a time.

Thank you. We are on our way!

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Topics submitted to date:

 A Personal Inventory – Steve K
□ Acceptance – Yvonne H
□ Acceptance – Roger C
□ Acceptance – Daniel C
 Admitting Defeat – Don B
□ A Programme of Suggestions – Daniel C
□ Atheism to Humanism – Brian H
□ Big Tent – Kevin P
□ Biogenetic or Psychogenic? – Greg H
Books: Prospecting for Sobriety – Norm R
□ CBT and the Steps – Jon S
□ Choosing a Home Group – Martine R
□ Coming Out as a Nonbeliever in AA – David B
□ Cravings – Greg H
□ Cultivating Community – Jim W
□ Depth of Connection – Mary M
√  Don’t drink and go to meetings – Russ H
□ Emotional Sobriety – Rich H
□ Emotional Sobriety – Jeanne F
□ Emotional Sobriety – Justine F
□ Empathy and Compassion – David G
√  Evidence in Recovery – Nell Z
□ Fear of Consequences – Prentice S
□ Fellowship – Kevin P
□ Fellowship and the 12 Steps – Brian H
□ Finding Balance – Cathy M
□ Finding Balance – Jeanne F
□ Forgiveness Without God – Steph G
□ Freedom – Roger R
□ Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable – Julie B
Group as Higher Power (“Character Defects”?) – Bill P
□ Health: Vitamin Cure for Alcoholism – Rajiv B
He’s a Real Tool – Joanne O
□ Higher Powers – Thinking Outside the Box – Mike S
□ Honesty – Daniel C
□ How I Adapted the Programme for the 21st Century – Suzanne M
□ Hypnosis and the 12 Steps – Don R
□ Incremental Gains – JHG
  Identification – Thomas B
□ Insights of the Ancients – William P
Journaling – Thomas B
□ LA Meetings – Syd M
□ Listening – Norm R
□ Literature – Norm R
□ Looking But Not Staring at the Past – Charles F
Meditation – Thomas B
□ Meditation – Neil F
□ Meditation – Roger R.
□ Meetings and Steps – Syd M
□ Mindfulness in Recovery – David G
□ My Point of View: How Am I Looking at the World Right Now? – Charles F
□ Neutrality in Sponsorship – Roger R
□ Not Picking Up the First Drink – Doris A
□ Obtaining Soundness of Mind – James L
□ One Alcoholic Talking to Another Alcoholic – Nell Z
□ One Day at a Time – Perry J
□ One Step at a Time, Importance of Now – William P
□ Outside Help – Cathy M
Physical Exercise – Steph G
□ Picking Up The Phone – Steph G
□ Practical Spirituality: Action is the Answer – John C
□ Practicing Gratitude – Jim W
Principles and the 12 Steps – A Way to Change – Patricia K
□ Principles for Living – Jeb B
□ Promises – Perry J
□ Prosperity in AA – Kevin P
□ Re-Discovering Myself in Sobriety – Julie B
□ Ritual as a Helpful Tool – Mike S
□ Roots of Addiction – Jeanne F
□ Science Behind the Foklore of AA – Brian H
□ Secular Humanism and Sobriety – Shari B
□ Self-Care – Justine F
□ Self-Care – Jim W
□ Self-Compassion and Self-Forgiveness – David G
Self Re-Evaluation – life-j
Service – Steven V
□ Service – Ralph T
□ Spiritual Experience – Yvonne H
□ Spiritual Experience – Syd M
□ Spirituality Without Religion – Jeb B
□ Sponsorship – Steven V
□ Sponsorship, Therapy, ESH – Charles F
□ Steps 4 through 7 – Lubow H
□ Steps and Their Goals – Perry J
□ Take What You Need (and leave the rest) – Mike S
□  Taking the Steps – Rajiv B
□ Technology – D G
The Doctor’s Story- Prentice S
□ The Power of the Group – Steve V
 The Program and the Fellowship – Jeb B
□ The Woman in AA – Suzanne M
Therapeutic Value of the Group – Steve K
□ To Thine Own Self Be True – Kendall R
□ To Thine Own Self Be True – Yvonne H
□ To Thine Own Self Be True – Daniel C
□ Understanding Self with Indian Meditation – Rajiv B
□ Understanding the Evolutionary Psychology Behind Alcoholism – Jon S
□ What’s the Point – Greg H
□ What Forced Me Into AA – Don B
□ Why I Couldn’t Stay Sober – Don B
□ Why I Feel Agnostic – Shari B
□ Women Helping Sober Women – Shari B
□ Women, Trauma and Recovery – Jeanne F
Women’s Meetings – Mary M

We are still, of course, looking for more submissions! In particular, we very much need more articles by women in AA. There can be several submissions on a single topic – one topic can certainly be dealt with in significantly different ways – or brand new submissions. Just fill out the form above if interested.


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