Short of a Game Changer – Appendix II

Hail Mary Pass

By bob k Possibly the most famous single play in the history of American football took place in 1984, and involved a player who would later star for the Toronto Argonauts in the Canadian Football League. Boston College trailed rival Miami 45 – 41, with only seconds remaining. In one final, frantic attempt … Continue reading

Responsibility Is Our Theme


“How much and how often did we fail?” By Roger C. Bill W spoke at the General Service Conference held in New York City in April, 1965. The Conference theme was “Responsibility To Those We Serve.” AA was thirty years old. Bill was 70 years old. It was a period of … Continue reading

Washingtonian Forebears of Alcoholics Anonymous

Keeley Leagues

By John L. For several weeks now I’ve been engrossed with the Washingtonian Temperance Society, or Washingtonian Movement, which was founded and thrived a century before Alcoholics Anonymous came into being.  The Washingtonians not only had many of the best features of Alcoholics Anonymous, but, I’ll argue, were even better … Continue reading

Jim Burwell

By Linda R. Jim Burwell’s contribution to Alcoholics Anonymous is truly significant and second only to that of AA’s two co-founders, Bill Wilson and Dr. Robert Smith. Jim is credited with adoption of A.A.’s Third Tradition – “The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking” – as reported by … Continue reading

AA’s Greatest Danger – Rigidity

Bob Pearson (1917-2008) was General Manager of the General Service Office from 1974 to 1984, and then served as Senior Advisor to the G.S.O. from 1985 until his retirement. His story is in the Big Book as “AA Taught Him to Handle Sobriety.” During the 1986 General Service Conference, Bob … Continue reading

AA in the 1930s: God As We Understood Him

By bob k The wheels were set in motion for what would eventually become Alcoholics Anonymous at Bill Wilson’s kitchen table in November of 1934. Bill’s old school chum and sometime drinking buddy, Ebby Thacher, came to visit and he arrived in a shocking condition. He was sober! The door … Continue reading