Slips and Human Nature

William Silkworth

Dr. William Silkworth (1873 – 1951) was the Medical Director at the Towns Hospital and treated Bill W and other early members of AA. He was the first 20th century physician to advocate that alcoholism is an illness, rather than a vice or moral failing. He, probably more than anyone else, is … Continue reading

Without a Higher Power

Grapevine AA

One size does not fit all for this atheist in recovery By Greg H. (San Diego, CA) This atheist “walked into our midst,” and stayed. At the age of 52, I attended my very first AA meeting on Oct. 7, 2001. I have not found it necessary to take a … Continue reading

Finding Our Way

Field of Flowers

An agnostic discovers his place in the Fellowship By  Jerry S. Austin, Texas After being in and around the AA program for more than 30 years, I now have 17 years of continuous sobriety. I was not able to get sober and stay sober until I became honest with myself … Continue reading



The AA Grapevine published this article by J. L. of Oakland, California, which it called Atheist, in its January 1980 issue. At the time J. L. was eight years sober. When J. L. reached 16 years of sobriety her son entered the rooms of AA and The Grapevine published her perspective on this … Continue reading

Is There Room Enough in AA?

Birds at Feeder

By J. L. from Oakland, California. Published in the AA Grapevine in October 1987. Copyright ©  AA Grapevine; reprinted with permission. Recently my twenty-eight-year-old son began to recognize his growing problem with alcohol (an episode with the law helped get his attention) and went to his first AA meeting on his own … Continue reading

We Tread Innumerable Paths

By June L. El Granada, California. Desperation, and insistence by my estranged husband forced me to call AA nearly twenty-six years ago. I had misgivings because I knew that AA’s program included beliefs that might be incompatible with my own atheism. I felt sure I’d have to find another solution, or … Continue reading

Do You Think You’re Different? – Jan’s Story

Grieving Woman

In 1976 Alcoholics Anonymous World Services (AAWS) began publishing a 37 page pamphlet entitled “Do You Think You’re Different?” AAWS has printed and distributed this pamphlet year after year and it is now available online here. The pamphlet focuses on stories written by AA members who do not fit the stereotypical AA … Continue reading

Is AA Just For Christians?

By Barb C. At the beginning of every meeting of my home group, we read, “AA is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization, or institution; does not wish to engage in any controversy, neither endorses nor opposes any causes.” This statement makes me feel good. As a person … Continue reading

Who is a Member of Alcoholics Anonymous?

The way our “worthy” alcoholics have sometimes tried to judge the “less worthy” is, as we look back on it, rather comical. Imagine, if you can, one alcoholic judging another! Bill W. By Bill W. The first edition of the book “Alcoholics Anonymous” makes this brief statement about membership: “The … Continue reading

Let Me Think for Myself!

By Harold B. Punta Gorda, Florida I am mad!  Isn’t that a helluva way to start, particularly when I want to say something and have somebody listen?  All my life I have heard, “If you want to make a point, be calm, be reasonable, be fair.”  I think I am … Continue reading

Anarchy Melts

Bill W. Copyright © AA Grapevine, Inc. (July, 1946) It may be that Alcoholics Anonymous is a new form of human society. The first of our 12 Points of A.A. Tradition states, “Each member of Alcoholics Anonymous is but a small part of a great whole. AA must continue to live … Continue reading