My Last Traditional AA Meeting

Walking away

By Sher G. This story actually starts a bit before my final traditional AA meeting. The single most compelling thing for me when I started going to AA was when faces started to look familiar, and even more compelling was when some of those faces recognized mine and greeted me with … Continue reading

Alcoholism – What’s It All About?

Whats It All About

By bob k “If, when you honestly want to, you find you cannot quit entirely, or if when drinking, you have little control over the amount you take, you are probably alcoholic.” This is one of the descriptions of alcoholism from the book “Alcoholics Anonymous,” referred to affectionately by AA members … Continue reading

Are you willing to do anything to stay sober?


By Sher G. Any time I talked with my sponsor, her responses seemed overwhelmingly to miss the mark. She used AA expressions to minimize or dismiss my struggles. I found myself getting increasingly defensive and offering up ever more dramatic accounts to express how hard things really were; but everything … Continue reading

A true partnership

Wayne M.

By Roger C. I first met Wayne in the rooms of AA. Mind you, these were not traditional AA rooms. Wayne would have nothing to do with the “God bit” in AA and so his home group since it was founded in the fall of 2009 was an agnostic AA group … Continue reading

Perry Street Workshop

Perry Outside

By John L. Thousands of people, now living all over the world, have found sobriety in a storefront room in New York City’s Greenwich Village: the Perry Street Workshop.  For me Perry Street will always be Alcoholics Anonymous, my home base no matter where I am.  In 2008, as Perry … Continue reading

An Atheist in AA


By Megan D. When I entered our Program some 33 years ago, I was a complete cynic about life in general and the term “god” made me nauseous in particular. Actually, I was ‘terminally unique’ as we say, and the pecking order was clearly defined. The only places worthwhile were … Continue reading

My Path in AA


By life-j. The path was not easy for this agnostic in AA. I was an atheist when I got sober, as arrogant as most people with staunchly held beliefs. Sober, I have still never felt the presence of a god, but I have come to be open-minded to accept that … Continue reading

First AA Meetings

Horizon of Hope

By Thomas B. A couple of years ago, my wife Jill and I were visiting my daughters and grandkids in Frederick, Maryland. We found an open Big Book meeting listed on the Internet at a nearby Methodist church. Held in a classroom, neither the window shades for the 12 Steps … Continue reading