BC Secular AA Roundup


By Ralph B.

We are excited about hosting a regional Secular AA Roundup on July 8, 2023 in Langley, British Columbia. We are building on the work done by others in North America to spread the message of staying sober with a non-traditional belief system. The theme, One Big Tent, was chosen in recognition of the AA Grapevine book.

Secular AA has provided a haven for atheist and agnostic members of AA who felt their recovery journeys clashed with mainstream beliefs. It allows new members to identify with members with similar beliefs or lack of belief.

Some of our members have attended regional secular conferences in Austin, Texas; Olympia, Washington; Tacoma,Washington and Phoenix, Arizona. Several members attended the International Conference of Secular AA (ICSAA) in Toronto, Ontario (2018) and returned enthusiastic and inspired. As we began planning this conference, we received encouragement from many others in the secular community.

This conference aims to build fellowship and raise awareness that we are not opposed to traditional AA but provide alternative meetings for atheists and agnostics.

We have an exciting lineup of guest speakers:

Dr. Ray B. is a retired addictions medicine specialist who lives in White Rock, B.C. This session “Why 12 step recovery programs work better than anything else (scientific fact!)” will be a high altitude overview of some big ideas about recovery e.g. the basics of positive psychology and it’s importance to recovery; six essential components of lifestyle, health and longevity; an introduction to alphabet soup: PERMA and CHIME (essential ingredients for the special sauce of recovery and resilience).

Joe C. is an author from Toronto and will be sharing his ideas on CHIME, exploring the importance of service work and the creation of our new positive identities. Joe was a great support and inspiration for our BC secular meetings as well as many other groups worldwide. We use his book “Beyond Belief: Agnostic Musings for 12 Step Life” to inspire discussion at meetings.

Beth H. lives in Arizona and is the author of “We are Not All Egomaniacs”. Beth was on the planning committee for the 2019 Secular Conference in Phoenix. Beth’s groundbreaking book provides a perspective for reframing the traditional 12 steps for people with low self esteem.

The day’s agenda may include additional speakers and/or panels. There will be time for socializing and fun is encouraged at all times. We subscribe to Rule 62 – “Don’t take yourself too damn seriously!”

Tickets are available online at eventbrite: BC Secular AA Roundup.

For further information text or call Dan V. 604-219-4180 or Gail S. 778-885-3275.


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