The Kawartha Freethinkers

Mount Community Centre

By Bob K It must be almost three years since Jim M. first came down from Peterborough to see what we were doing at our Whitby Freethinkers meeting. As a long sober secularist in a town with only conventional AA meetings, Jim knew that there was a significant portion of … Continue reading

Letting others know about us

The theme continues today. It’s all about letting those in conventional AA know about we agnostics in AA, and our groups and meetings. One way to do that is to write an article about your group and have it posted in the local Intergroup Newsletter. Beth’s article was published in … Continue reading

Secular Sobriety Group First Anniversary


We heartily encourage secular groups to let others know about their meetings, as Michel has done, by writing about them and having the stories published in their local AA newsletters. This article was first published in the Ottawa Area Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous Newsletter, Our Primary Purpose, in February 2017. By Michel D. This … Continue reading

If you need one, start one

Fairhope UU

By Clay A. Hello my name is Clay and I’m an alcoholic and a proud agnostic member of AA. Starting an agnostic meeting was always something that I loved to think about, but like the old elusive thought of putting down the drugs and alcohol, I never really thought it … Continue reading

The first agnostic AA meetings in New York

New York City

This was the third of three main talks at a workshop on the history of secular AA at the We Agnostics, Atheists and Freethinkers International AA Convention in Austin, Texas, in November 2016. By Deirdre S. Hi. I am Deirdre, a cross-addicted alcoholic. Since everybody said their sobriety date, I … Continue reading

Megan D.

Transitive Woman

Megan D. and Charlie P. co-founded the first ever group to be called “We Agnostics” in California in 1980. This is an article she submitted to the AA Grapevine two years ago, but was never published. We expect to have another post by Megan – who at 72 now has 33 … Continue reading

We Are Not Saints


My name is Roger and I am an alcoholic. It was snowing on Friday evening, the last day of November, in downtown Toronto. I didn’t know that until I hauled my bicycle out of the porch and onto the driveway. It made me a bit nervous. I would have to ride almost … Continue reading

U of T Student Attends We Agnostics Meeting


Talia Gordon is Features Editor at the University of Toronto’s independent student press, The Newspaper. She prepared this article on agnostics in AA for “the boozepaper,” an edition of the paper printed at the end of each school year. As part of her research, she attended a meeting of the “We … Continue reading