Books: Prospecting for Sobriety


A potential chapter in The Practical Book: Tools We Find Helpful in Recovery. By Norm R. As a recovering alcoholic, I attend meetings and try faithfully to work the Steps. Some meetings, however, can be discouraging; then my healing depends on books. Space would not permit naming all the books … Continue reading

Technology and Recovery


By D.G. I was born and raised on a farm in rural Virginia, and many times have heard my parents and older members of my family and community recount tales of their daily lives and practices that would be entirely foreign to almost all of us today. My grandmother’s first … Continue reading

He’s a Real Tool

Alkie Cravens

By Joanne O. I call him “Alkie, Alkie Cravens”. I invented him. And you might say he invented the alcoholic me. He is a cartoon character that I created to personify the physical cravings, automatic thoughts, habits, self-defeating behaviors, and character defects that we eventually come to recognize as our alcoholic … Continue reading

The Power of Our Stories


By Chris G. When I first came to AA, I had no story. Oh, there were lots of stories I could tell: drunken episodes, all the problems the world had given me, all my troubles. But no story that was mine, no coherent line through my life. Nothing of a … Continue reading

Recovering from the committee in my head

Committee Featured

By Beth H. We frequently hear talk in the rooms of AA about “the committee”, or the different thoughts and voices swirling around in our heads, often giving us conflicting messages or bad advice. In my sobriety, I have benefitted tremendously by taking the time to identify those voices. I had … Continue reading

Don’t drink and go to meetings


By Russ H. When I walked into my first AA meeting I had no idea what to expect. I knew nothing about the AA program of recovery. I certainly made no assumption that I would find relief from the crushing consequences of nearly three decades of addiction to alcohol and … Continue reading

The Fellowship and the Program

By JEB By the time I made it to my first meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, 35 years ago, I had fully conceded to my innermost self (quit lying to myself) that I am powerless over alcohol if I am ever stupid enough to pick up even one drink; and the book … Continue reading

A Personal Inventory

Self Inventory

For many in AA, the Steps contain important tools in our recovery from alcoholism and addiction. Today Steve K. shares how Steps Four and Ten – a personal inventory – are a part of his sobriety. The Steps will have their own place in The Practical Book: Tools We Find Helpful in … Continue reading

Women’s Meetings


By Mary M. I am approaching thirty years of sobriety and am now living a long way from those incredible women’s meetings of the first twenty years of my recovery in Ontario, Canada. And far away too from those little women’s groups, gatherings and step studies within the overall structure … Continue reading


Two people

This is the first article submitted for The Practical Book and posted on AA Agnostica for feedback (comments) from you, our readers. It has many of the qualities we are looking for in these submissions. First, the “tool” used in recovery – in this case identification with other alcoholics – is … Continue reading