Choosing an AA Home Group


By Martine R. If I have indeed “come to believe” anything in my 14 years of sobriety, it is that attendance at AA meetings keeps me sober. Nothing else. For several excruciating years after I had decided that I was drinking too much and must stop, I never … Continue reading

One Bite at a Time


By JHG Recovering alcoholics are famous for theatrical displays that amount to pole-vaulting over mouse droppings. It’s an entertaining but otherwise pointless spectacle. While staying sober can require tremendous amounts of courage and commitment, most of what it takes is reminiscent of a quote frequently cited in self-help … Continue reading

Bill Wilson, Always A Seeker

Bill Wilson Featured

Our book is meant to be suggestive only. We realize we know only a little. Big Book, page 164  Research has already come up with significant and helpful findings. And research will do far more. Bill’s speech at the 1965 General Service Conference By Thomas B. Introduction There … Continue reading

Principles and the 12 Steps

Legal Steps

By Patricia K. I have been sober for a while. I got sober before the development of AA meetings for atheists, agnostics and freethinkers. Even though I do not believe in a god, I stayed in mainstream AA and edited the language and the literature so it fit … Continue reading



By Daniel C. My name is Daniel and I’m an alcoholic. Acceptance to me is one of the most important parts of life. Life happens whether we like it or not. For me acceptance was learned as a child after I was molested. No matter how hard I … Continue reading

Admitting Defeat


By Don B. I was guided into AA in 1981 by my higher power, whom I refer to as “Linda”, my wife. After watching a soap opera devoted to alcoholics and AA, she concluded that I was one of them. Since her ultimatums were not to my liking, … Continue reading

Service and Sponsorship


By Steven V. Service Before coming to AA, I spent most of my time thinking about, well, me. I was often thinking about how poorly my life was going, how dissatisfied I was with my love life (or lack thereof), why I wasn’t getting the promotions I thought … Continue reading

The Practical Tool of Meditation


By Thomas B. I had my first meditation experience early in my second year of recovery, shortly after I received my one-year medallion at the original Manhattan Group in New York City in November of 1973. It was in the Unity Center auditorium, which in the 70s was … Continue reading

Fitting in rather than out

Fitting In

By Lance B. Me in AA Over 32 years of AA meetings in a small western city, I have seen many new potential members arrive at our group. Usually they were scared and tentative, but after a few weeks they would open up and begin telling us what … Continue reading

The Therapeutic Value of the Group


By Steve K. The Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) group is a fundamental “mechanism of change” in recovery from alcoholism with respect to providing its members with a supportive social network that promotes sobriety. Participation in the group offers several therapeutic benefits which facilitate and support change for the individual. … Continue reading

Books: Prospecting for Sobriety


By Norm R. As a recovering alcoholic, I attend meetings and try faithfully to work the Steps. Some meetings, however, can be discouraging; then my healing depends on books. Space would not permit naming all the books I find valuable, but some of them are listed at the … Continue reading