The Practical Tool of Meditation


By Thomas B. I had my first meditation experience early in my second year of recovery, shortly after I received my one-year medallion at the original Manhattan Group in New York City in November of 1973. It was in the Unity Center auditorium, which in the 70s was a popular … Continue reading

Fitting in rather than out

Fitting In

By Lance B. Me in AA Over 32 years of AA meetings in a small western city, I have seen many new potential members arrive at our group. Usually they were scared and tentative, but after a few weeks they would open up and begin telling us what they felt … Continue reading

The Therapeutic Value of the Group


By Steve K. The Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) group is a fundamental “mechanism of change” in recovery from alcoholism with respect to providing its members with a supportive social network that promotes sobriety. Participation in the group offers several therapeutic benefits which facilitate and support change for the individual. These therapeutic … Continue reading

A Buddhist Path to Recovery


A more diverse world of treatment options casts a wider net for addicts who’ve fallen through the cracks. By Mark Hay Originally published in GOOD on February 18, 2016 At the age of 18, Mary Stancavage started to drink – hard. Freshly transplanted to San Jose after growing up alone … Continue reading

Books: Prospecting for Sobriety


A potential chapter in The Practical Book: Tools We Find Helpful in Recovery. By Norm R. As a recovering alcoholic, I attend meetings and try faithfully to work the Steps. Some meetings, however, can be discouraging; then my healing depends on books. Space would not permit naming all the books … Continue reading

Ten Ways to Stay Sober


This article was first published on March 8th on The Fix: 10 Ways to Stay Sober When Everything’s Falling Apart. We are re-posting it here today for two reasons: first, it is an excellent article and second, it is an inspiration for us as we continue to work on The … Continue reading

My Name is Marnin


Chapter 21: Do Tell: Stories by Atheists and Agnostics in AA  Marnin M. My name is Marnin and I’m an alcoholic and an agnostic/atheist. Marnin is Hebrew for he who brings joy, a singer of songs. In my youth I was embarrassed to have such an unusual name. I have been … Continue reading

Don’t drink and go to meetings


By Russ H. When I walked into my first AA meeting I had no idea what to expect. I knew nothing about the AA program of recovery. I certainly made no assumption that I would find relief from the crushing consequences of nearly three decades of addiction to alcohol and … Continue reading

Remembering Ernie Kurtz

Ernie Featured

By bob k Catholics priests are not among those who one would expect to find heading a list of crusaders for the freethinker movement in Alcoholics Anonymous. Nonetheless Ernest Kurtz, ordained to the Roman Catholic priesthood in 1961, was a dear friend of, an enthusiastic proponent of the work being … Continue reading


Two people

This is the first article submitted for The Practical Book and posted on AA Agnostica for feedback (comments) from you, our readers. It has many of the qualities we are looking for in these submissions. First, the “tool” used in recovery – in this case identification with other alcoholics – is … Continue reading

Diluted Emotions


Chapter 14: Do Tell! Stories by Atheists and Agnostics in AA Deirdre S. I drank for twenty years. Too many times I drank past my tolerance level and woke up shivering on some bathroom floor. When I picked up my first beer of the night, I rarely knew how or … Continue reading