Megan D.

Transitive Woman

Megan D. and Charlie P. co-founded the first ever group to be called “We Agnostics” in California in 1980. This is an article she submitted to the AA Grapevine two years ago, but was never published. We expect to have another post by Megan – who at 72 now has 33 … Continue reading

We Are Not Saints


My name is Roger and I am an alcoholic. It was snowing on Friday evening, the last day of November, in downtown Toronto. I didn’t know that until I hauled my bicycle out of the porch and onto the driveway. It made me a bit nervous. I would have to ride almost … Continue reading

U of T Student Attends We Agnostics Meeting


Talia Gordon is Features Editor at the University of Toronto’s independent student press, The Newspaper. She prepared this article on agnostics in AA for “the boozepaper,” an edition of the paper printed at the end of each school year. As part of her research, she attended a meeting of the “We … Continue reading