AA – Spiritual Not Religious


Every time we develop a new recovery pamphlet, I believe we say “welcome” to a whole group of alcoholics who might otherwise feel our message was not intended for them, or worse, that they would not be welcome. (John K, former AA trustee who spent eight years at the GSO) … Continue reading

An AA Pamphlet for Agnostics – The 1970s

Social Rejection

Edited by Roger C. A “Conference-approved” pamphlet for agnostics and atheists in AA was first proposed in 1975. The proposal was the result of a letter from Al L., an AA member in Florida, who asked the trustees’ Literature Committee to consider publishing such a pamphlet. (The trustees of AA consists of … Continue reading

Six Shades of Nonbelievers

Athiest billboard

By Joe C. The nonbeliever world is a hexagon shaped world, according to a University of Tennessee finding. Christopher Silver and Thomas Coleman III derived their six types of nonbelievers based on an analysis of interviews across the United States. Well, let’s see. Do you fall into one of these subgroups?