Convention Fellowship Speakers


By Dorothy H. The Steering Committee of We Agnostics and Free Thinkers (WAFT) International AA Convention (IAAC) is thrilled to announce the speaker line-up for the convention beginning Thursday, November 6, 2014. The Fellowship Speakers are marvelous unsung servants within AA. The convention registration so far represents how we agnostics and freethinkers in AA span … Continue reading

Don’t Tell – Review

Don't Tell

By Chris G. Who are we, we alcoholic agnostic, atheist, free-thinking people who come to this website? I sense that many of us are pretty lonely individuals looking for a community, and many are beginning to find it here and in others places. After haunting web-based agnostic AA for about … Continue reading

Six Shades of Nonbelievers

Athiest billboard

By Joe C. The nonbeliever world is a hexagon shaped world, according to a University of Tennessee finding. Christopher Silver and Thomas Coleman III derived their six types of nonbelievers based on an analysis of interviews across the United States. Well, let’s see. Do you fall into one of these subgroups? … Continue reading

An AA Convention For We Agnostics

AA Convention for Agnostics

Roger: Thank you Pam for agreeing to do this interview. You’re a member of the steering committee that is now hard at work planning a We Agnostics and Free Thinkers (WAFT) International Alcoholics Anonymous Convention. I understand the planning for the convention is in the early stages. First, where and … Continue reading

The General Service Conference Stumbles

AA and Agnostics

By Roger C. At the 1965 General Service Conference held in New York, Bill Wilson had a very clear message for the area delegates, trustees, directors and General Service Office staff in attendance: “Our very first concern should be with those sufferers that we are still unable to reach.” He … Continue reading