Relevant Quotes for Secular AA

Free Captives

Our friend, Thomas B., has put together a collection of quotes found within the fellowship that support we agnostics and atheists in Alcoholics Anonymous. The wording was, of course, quite optional so long as we expressed the idea, voicing it without reservation. Alcoholics Anonymous, Page 63, 1939 Our book is meant to be suggestive only. … Continue reading

Recovering from the committee in my head

Committee Featured

By Beth H. We frequently hear talk in the rooms of AA about “the committee”, or the different thoughts and voices swirling around in our heads, often giving us conflicting messages or bad advice. In my sobriety, I have benefitted tremendously by taking the time to identify those voices. I had … Continue reading

Ann’s Story

Alcoholic Woman

Chapter 18: Do Tell! Stories by Atheists and Agnostics in AA Ann M. Already in kindergarten I felt different from others. I often felt ashamed and that I couldn’t do things right. I mostly felt disliked throughout school, sometimes because I was the teacher’s pet, sometimes because I would treat … Continue reading

A History of Secularism in AA


This talk was delivered by Roger C., the manager of the website AA Agnostica, at a Conference for secularists in AA held in Olympia, Washington, on January 16, 2016. The Conference was called Widening the Gateway. By Roger C. Introduction I am really pleased to be here today. The opportunity to come here … Continue reading

The Fellowship and the Program


By JEB By the time I made it to my first meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, 35 years ago, I had fully conceded to my innermost self (quit lying to myself) that I am powerless over alcohol if I am ever stupid enough to pick up even one drink; and the book … Continue reading

Remembering Ernie Kurtz

Ernie Featured

By bob k Catholics priests are not among those who one would expect to find heading a list of crusaders for the freethinker movement in Alcoholics Anonymous. Nonetheless Ernest Kurtz, ordained to the Roman Catholic priesthood in 1961, was a dear friend of, an enthusiastic proponent of the work being … Continue reading

My Path in Alcoholics Anonymous


Chapter 17: Do Tell! Stories by Atheists & Agnostics in AA life j. The path was not easy for this agnostic in AA. I was an atheist when I got sober, as arrogant as most people with staunchly held beliefs. Sober, I have still never felt the presence of a … Continue reading

A Personal Inventory

Self Inventory

For many in AA, the Steps contain important tools in our recovery from alcoholism and addiction. Today Steve K. shares how Steps Four and Ten – a personal inventory – are a part of his sobriety. The Steps will have their own place in The Practical Book: Tools We Find Helpful in … Continue reading

Take Three Degrees. Add Alcohol.

Woman on Path

Chapter 16: Do Tell! Stories by Atheists and Agnostics in AA Martine R. The decision to stop drinking alcohol, once and for all, is one I shall never regret. I will soon celebrate 13 years of sobriety, after three decades of active alcoholism. Because I am now a different, better … Continue reading

Is Substance Use the Treatment or the Disease?


Editor’s Note: Most of us seem to believe that alcoholism is a kind of treatment: an attempt to resolve an underlying trauma or a “spiritual void” and not, initially at any rate, a “disease” of the brain. Is that correct? If not, why the emphasis, for example, on dealing with “character defects”? This … Continue reading