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Don't Tell

Coming soon!
Don’t Tell: Stories by agnostics and atheists in AA.
The book will contain articles posted on AA Agnostica by over two dozen writers.

Ever onwards and upwards!

As we go forward, AA Agnostica needs your help.

So very much has happened since this website was initially created in June, 2011. Today, AA Agnostica is a voice of and for atheists and agnostics in AA across the world.

Your financial support will not only help us cover the ever-growing day-to-day operation and maintenance expenses of the website but would also help us take the next steps in realizing our mission.

Going forward we want to make agnostic and atheist friendly literature available at cost worldwide to women and men in recovery in AA. We have now published several books – they are available here on Recovery 101 – and we want to publish more books and pamphlets, and distribute them to AA groups everywhere.

Recently, of course, we were able to start a Chat Room at AA Agnostica.

These are just some of the projects for which humbly we ask for your support.

Thank you!

You can make a donation of your choice via PayPal using a credit card. A PayPal account is not necessary.Contributions are processed via Recovery 101, the distribution side of AA Agnostica. After your donation has been completed,  click “Return to Recovery 101″ and you will in fact be returned to the AA Agnostica website. This fund raising effort will run from November 1 to December 31, 2013.