Dr. Bob, AA Co-founder – Part One

Dr Bob

By Bob K. St. Johnsbury, Vermont Dr. Bob Smith remembers his childhood hometown of St. Johnsbury, some 100 miles northeast of the East Dorset birthplace of Bill Wilson, as having a general moral standard “far above the average.”  The consumption of alcohol was considered a question of morality.  “No beer or liquor was sold … Continue reading

Step 2

Step 2

This is a chapter from the book: The Alternative Twelve Steps: A Secular Guide to Recovery. The previous chapter, Step 1, was posted on February 26, 2014, and subsequent chapters dealing with each of the twelve Steps will be posted on AA Agnostica on the last Wednesday of each month ending in December, 2014. The book, originally … Continue reading

Conference-approved literature


By Roger C. Many of us are hopeful that this year’s General Service Conference will approve a pamphlet that welcomes agnostics and atheists in AA and, in so doing, acknowledges that a God has nothing at all to do with our sobriety. One of the names proposed for such a … Continue reading

AA – Spiritual Not Religious


Every time we develop a new recovery pamphlet, I believe we say “welcome” to a whole group of alcoholics who might otherwise feel our message was not intended for them, or worse, that they would not be welcome. (John K, former AA trustee who spent eight years at the GSO) … Continue reading

A higher purpose


By Wayne M. I am an alcoholic and have been sober for over nine years. I am also an agnostic/atheist who attends AA on a regular basis. Many people have asked how I as an agnostic can stay sober in AA even though I reject one of the fundamental premises … Continue reading

Yet Another Intergroup Fight


By life-j. Laytonville, where I live, is a small coastal mountain valley village of about 2000 on Northern California’s Highway 101, about 3 hours north of the Bay Area. This is a sparsely populated area. The next, smaller village is 25 miles north, the next, bigger one 25 miles south. … Continue reading