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By Mahala Kephart LifeRing Board of Directors A Clever, Reassuring Device It seems to me that the Higher Power notion can work if you absolutely don’t think about it. It’s a clever, bright, reassuring device. Just shut your eyes tight, believe it, and don’t ask questions. Once you lift the … Continue reading

The Biology of Spirituality

Vera Tarman

By Roger C. Doctor Vera Tarman, a specialist in addiction behaviour and treatment and the Medical Director at Renascent, a treatment facility for men and women suffering from alcoholism and addiction, recently shared her views on the neurochemical basis of recovery and spirituality in a talk at the University of … Continue reading

FAVOR Canada

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By AnnMarie McCullough On July 24th 2012, 29-year-old filmmaker Greg Williams,  a person in long term recovery since the age of 17, created a page on “Kickstarter,” a website that facilitates fundraising through online donations. The page contained a video less than 9 minutes long. Though short, this video carried … Continue reading

Culture and Addiction

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By Allen Berger, Ph.D. In this article I want to discuss how our culture sets us up for becoming an addict. Before I do it’s important to realize we are all in a trance. We are hypnotized by our culture. This is not necessarily a bad thing, it just is … Continue reading

Rob Ford: What he could expect in rehab

Rob Ford

Most of us are familiar with the sad saga of Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto. The story has all the hallmarks of alcoholism, such as denial, enabling family members and friends, and destructive and sometimes criminal behaviour as a result of “drunken stupors.” However, this article is re-posted not so much … Continue reading

Faces & Voices of Recovery

Faces and Voices

By Patricia Taylor Faces & Voices of Recovery is the national American voice of the organized addiction recovery community. With over 30,000 members, we work to improve the lives of the millions of Americans affected by alcohol and other drugs. We believe that our nation’s response to the crisis of … Continue reading