From Believer to Non-Believer


At around 8 years sober, he redefined his Higher Power By Bob S., Louisville, Ky. Published online by the AA Grapevine in November 2014. Copyright ©  AA Grapevine. You can subscribe to the online or print version (or both) right here: AA Grapevine. My journey in AA began in 1985 and I … Continue reading

An Atheist Speaks Out

May 1962

By E. L. from Vermont. This article was first printed in the AA Grapevine in May, 1962. I AM an alcoholic and an atheist. I am addressing this to those alcoholics who have had trouble with the religious overtones in the AA program. But let me state first that it … Continue reading

Slips and Human Nature

William Silkworth

Doctor Calls “Slip” More Normal Than Alcoholic Dr. William Silkworth (1873 – 1951) was the Medical Director at the Towns Hospital and treated Bill W and other early members of AA. He was the first 20th century physician to advocate that alcoholism is an illness, rather than a vice or moral failing. … Continue reading

Without a Higher Power

Grapevine AA

The AA Grapevine, in its January 2010 issue, published this article by Greg H., from San Diego, California. One Size does not fit all for this atheist in recovery This atheist “walked into our midst,” and stayed. At the age of 52, I attended my very first AA meeting on … Continue reading

Finding Our Way

Field of Flowers

An agnostic discovers his place in the Fellowship This article is in the current, October 2012, issue of the AA Grapevine. You can subscribe to the online version here: AA Grapevine. In the post, Jerry mentions the We Agnostics group in Austin, which was started in 2001 by Charlie P. You can read … Continue reading