An Agnostic Group in my Community

Over the past several months there have been an increasing number of requests for help in getting new agnostic meetings started in communities where to date they have been absent. The best we can do here at AA Agnostica is put people who are interested in those meetings in touch with each other. And thus this form.

If you want an agnostic AA group and meeting in your community and are willing to do a bit of the work to make that happen, please complete the form below and hit “submit.”


When we have the names of a minimum of three to five people in a city or town interested in this work, we shall put you in touch with each other, and that group and meeting can be launched.

Please be patient. For some it will take a few days. For others, well, months are much more likely. But it is rather exciting… “You are not alone” is slogan meant for all in recovery, and that includes those of us who have little patience for the “God bit,” as Jim Burwell, one of the first atheists in AA, once described it.